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Why You Want to Switch to Natural Deodorant.

Aluminum or other chemicals in your traditional antiperspirant build up on the skin. Overtime they mix with the bacteria that causes sweat and can make the odor even worse. Not only is this important to know if you are struggling finding a deodorant that works, if you make a switch you will also want to detox your pits.

Detoxing your pits are easy. I recommend a mask with bentonite clay. If you make the switch and still notice odor you may need a couple of sessions in order to completely detox the area.

Besides it making your sweat smell potentially worse, aluminum in traditional deodorants is toxic. Aluminum in small amounts isn’t toxic, but think about it, it’s a product you use everyday. It builds up in the skin. We also have lymph nodes in our armpits that connect to our breasts. If you eat a cheese burger overtime consistently you gain weight right? If you use toxic chemicals in your products daily wouldn’t you think you’d get adverse health effects as well?


You are not wrong 😂 but this one however is different from the rest! I’ve tried so many, and many leave streak marks on my clothes. The baking soda itches my armpits. Also, some just simply don’t work. Remember how I said you might need to detox your armpits before making a switch? Make sure you do that each week for a couple of weeks! Also, this one from Purpl & Prosper is great. The Earth Deo is now available at my store, or @purplandprosper.

The Ingredients:

Colloidal Silver, Diatomaceous Earth, Special Antibacterial/Floral Blend

Simple, non-toxic and it comes in a spray bottle for easy convenience. You won’t get streak marks with this one and can apply as many times as you need a day.


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