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The Magic of Hydrojelly's

Hydrojelly masks originated in Korean Beauty and we are just now implementing them into our skincare routines in the Western Culture. These fun gooey masks are more than their Instagram fame, they have properties that reconstruct the surface of the skin giving us that ultimate glass skin glow.

How can these new generation peel-off jelly masks be so beneficial? Besides taking up hours of your Instagram history of these oddly satisfying application videos...

Hydrojelly's are packed with electrolytes that instantly hydrates the skin and balances the skin's electrolyte levels. It's like coconut water for your face! It is hydrating and full of vitamins.

They also have algae which is a popular skincare ingredient in the natural skin care community known for its amazing ability to help produce collagen, detoxify the skin and hydrate.

Organic White Rice Flour is also an ingredient in the entire Esthemax Hydrojelly line that gently cleanses, exfoliates and oh.... also did I mention - HYDRATES!

Yes my friends, Hydration is key to beautiful glowy glass skin. It doesn't matter what skin issues you have, I am confident these gooey natural effective masks can help you.

Here is my formula :

Hydrated Skin = Healthy Skin & Healthy Skin = Problem Free Skin!

I sucked at math in high school but this makes sense. In all my years of helping people in there skin care journey the number one thing a majority of us are missing is water intake and essential vitamins. Even if you are a pro at that (teach us please) your skin is the LAST to get water and vitamins so what you consume isn't enough. That's why skincare was invented and that's why this helps. Everything is connected so taking care of your beauty internally and externally is your best equation to get glowing skin.

Now that you understand the hype, lets breakdown the top 3 Hydrojelly masks available at my online shop.

The Egyptian Rose is not only a fan favorite, it is an Esthetician favorite winning an award for Aestheticans Choice 2021 Awards. Organic Rose Petals moisturizes the skin and is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin types. Rose also has antioxidants that evens out the skin tone and illuminates the skin. Regular use of this mask smooths fine lines and wrinkles leaving the skin with a supple youthful look.

The Pure Himalayan White Tea is the top seller with my followers. Every time I restock, I sell out within the week. This mask is ideal for those struggling with hormonal breakouts, blemishes, large pores, oiliness, and redness. White Tea flushes and detoxifies the skin from pollution which cases free radical damage and premature aging. Organic Cold Milled Flexseed balances the sebum production (oiliness) and breakouts. This leaves the skin calm, soft and more even.

The Cica Complexion Care is one of my personal favorites because you can use this ANYWHERE, and I mean anywhere... Aestheticans have been using Hydrojelly masks for years after Brazzillian's to calm down redness and to enhance that post wax glow. This is great for the most sensitive areas on the face and body. The reason this is my top choice for body care is that it helps with scaring and stretch marks. So if you are a mommy, this is great for that post baby bod. If you are a former (or current) acne sufferer, overtime of continuous use, this can help combat your pitted scaring with other exfoliation treatments. Organic Gotu Kola helps bring blood flow to wounds for fast healing and is ideal for post procedures as well. Jasmine is infused in this mask to bring anti-viral, antiseptic, anti-fungal and antibiotic properties to the skin. This leaves your skin hydrated, plump, and soothed.


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