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THE GLOW UP GUIDE & BREAKDOWN | How to glow up without plastic surgery.

Throughout my pregnancy, I gained 60 pounds within 8 months and my body went through a lot of changes.  Working out until I was 7 months pregnant, having a trainer best friend and overall eating pretty healthy... I thought I would be a fit cute pregnant woman.  Oh! Also my ex was a trainer so I thought I knew what I was doing from what he taught me throught the years.

I had no idea how quickly my metabolism would change and how that wasn’t going to be my reality.

Was it the pregnancy?  Was it because I turned 25 and naturally my metabolism would slow down? Was it my depression from my relationship with my mom and my ex ending?

Having a baby makes you rethink things that used to be so important and how I looked at this time wasn’t a priority to me.  I lived, breathed and ate for my son.  A little too litterly and too much apparently.

I slowly started working on my weight after my son arrived. A little loss here, and little loss there.  I barely looked at myself in the mirror.  I didn’t want to.  I wasn’t excited about it.

My brain 🧠 was :

“Did he eat enough? How is he feeling? Is he still breathing?  How can I shower when he won’t sleep without me?  Should I be concerned about this cough or is it his breathing?  Did I play with him enough today?  Does he need more toys?”

As my son started to get more independent, I started to look at myself a little closer.  I felt like I could hardly recognize myself.

The dark under eye circles took the attention of my face before my eyes, the wrinkles deepened, and my face was so round I felt like I was staring at a stranger.  It was like I entered an alternate universe and woke up in this new body with a new face and the life was sucked out of me.  Also literally with breast feeding.

It wasn’t until I felt ready to date and meet new people when I started caring how I looked again.  I already felt off because they weren’t getting the best version of me…the best version was when I was free and single. Now I have to schedule sitters, pay for them, and fit into the patriarchal beauty standards as if it’s a shame to look like you made life with your body. During my pregnancy I was bullied by men instead of them asking "how can I help you feel your best." People expect mothers to do so much when in honesty it takes an entire village unless you have money for the help you need. I never struggled more up until this point.

I had to take all new photos, figure out my identify outside of oversized t-shirts, and god forbid feeling sexy again…which I did not.

I felt so prude.  I was like a virgin again in the dating world.  I didn’t know how to flirt and spent my day wiping ass and watching Disney movies.  How can I even hold a stimulating conversation?

Yes it’s hard being a single mom but a part of my heart goes out to married couples because it must be hard to keep the spark with kids.  I could maybe have the energy to see one person a month or talk to a few at a time very casually…I couldn’t imagine a full blown relationship.

I lost 50 pounds since sitting here writing this a year and a half later.  Regardless of my weight loss, I still had a puffy face.

I was so confused.

As I was researching and looking for things for my store, I wanted to see what devices would be good for double chins.  That’s when I found her late one night who was later named by one of my supporters, the GLOW UP.

I didn’t realized her significance at the time but I ordered a sample, had her come in and tested her out.

The shape of her design gently hugs my chin and neck area.  Moving in a massage movement stimulates the lymphatic system and drains any excess fluid.  This is what causes the slimming effect.

A lot of my facial weight gain was just a build up of fluid.  After a couple of tries I already saw a difference.

Of course with acne reduction and minimize broken capillaries are going to take a couple more tries and consistency, but the results were better than expected and this quickly became my best selling item.

These sell out so quickly off my shelf, I’m always running out of stock and my manufacturers always mention how quickly I am able to sell them.  It also surprises me because I’ve struggled with sales for years.  I used to feel bad about sales being apart of my job and I take it so personal when people don’t like my products.

This is the biggest set back to my success, so how come this is the product I can’t keep around?

It’s my own journey.  People ask how I grew a following all the time and I never know how to answer.  I just posted my acne journey and there it was one day.  My TikTok grew a following because I was sharing the struggles of being a single mom.  My store grew because I shared a product that slimmed my face when I was struggling with weight loss and body changes.

My growth and successes has always been from me coming from an authentic place.  Overcoming struggles, solving them and sharing them.  Quickly people have fell for this product and it makes me so happy to provide a product people actually want.

Today I am breaking down why it’s my best seller and how to properly use it if you are already an owner!


Think of this as an non-invasive facelift!  This can be an alternative to injections or the face lifts (however don’t expect as drastic results) or if you are a needle girl/guy this can enhance the treatments you already get or reduce the frequency.

EMS setting is activated on the red setting.  This is what’s going to tighten and tone the muscles.  This also slims the face and the genius design.   

EMS uses microcurent stimulation to activate the muscles in your face (or in body treatments) which ultimately slims, tightens and firms.  This is why I stress that you need to use an oil free product with the device since oil blocks electrical currents.  Water is a conductor so always check the back of your ingredient list.


  • Stimulates collagen (plumping) growth

  • Improves elastin (tighten) fibers

  • Repairs damaged skin cells

  • EMS setting activates and sculpts the face and neck


  • Reduces breakout causing bacteria

  • Heats up improving blood circulation and skin healing

  • Helps reduce current breakouts and prevents future ones

  • Doesn't get rid of blackheads but helps prevent them


  • Neutralizes redness

  • Reduces the appearance of hyper-pigmentation

  • Improves skintone

  • Fades discoloration

Top Q & A

How long should I use each LED light setting?

4 minutes in each large section : cheeks, forehead, neck

How does this work?

One of our skin's function is to absorb and can absorb light. Just like how our skin absorbs Vitamin D from sunlight it can absorb the benefits from LED lights.

How do I clean this device?

Maintenance with this device is extremely important. Storing it in the shower area in the bathroom can possibly ruin it with humidity. Its light weight and delicate so dropping it will damage the device. Lastly to clean it, pour rubbing alcohol on a cotton round and glide over the used areas.

When will I see results?

You will notice some immediate differences after the first use like reducing puffiness but for reducing redness and discoloration at least 4-6 weeks 4x a week to see a larger difference.

Doesn't blue light damage the skin?

Yes blue light radiation from technology. Not blue LED lights.

What product can I use with this device?

Any water based serum, moisturizer or mask. Basically check the back of your ingredients and look for "oil free" or make sure no oil is in any of the ingredients. If you don't have a product like that I made one for you.


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