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The Biggest Anti-Aging Tip No One Told You About

Some parts of aging are inevitable but others can be preventable. Once you pass the age of 20 you are loosing the collagen (plumpness) in your skin little by little every year. That's why starting your skin routine sooner is better then later but also understand it is never too late either. 90% of our skin damage is due to environmental factors so I personally believe aging and reversing aging is in our control. The number one prevention method to protect our skin from premature aging is wearing a SPF that protects your skin from all the environmental stressors your skin endures.

The environment we currently live in is full of pollution, UV radiation, blue spectrum light and infrared radiation. These harmful components have the ability to cause inflammation, sagging skin, dark spots, light spots, and leather-like-skin texture. You treat this issues with other treatments than SPF but the most important way to prevent them is to wear an SPF everyday. You can't treat these issues and expect change in your skin if you aren't preventing the cause. Often, these treatments also sensitize your skin to the sun. Therefore you are wasting all your money on skincare if you choose to not wear an SPF. Nothing will improve in your skin and will only get worse with no protection from the sun.

Now that I have you convinced to wear an SPF everyday (unless you like wasting money), it is important to understand what SPFs are worth buying so you can save even more money.

  • Broad Spectrum - There are 3 major UV rays to protect the skin from: UVA, UVB and UVC. Look out for the "broad spectrum" verbiage on your packaging to confirm your skin will be protected from all harmful UV rays.

  • Non-Nano Zinc Oxide - "Non-nano" means the particles are not small enough to penetrate though the skin barrier so this is safe to use on your skin. This ingredient is also reef safe as most SPF ingredients destroy our oceans and reefs.

  • SPF 25 or more - No need for SPF 100en when there is hardly a difference in protection when it's over 25. SPF 100 is just a marketing ploy.

SPF Tips

  • If you sweat a lot or spend a lot of time doing outdoor activities, make sure to purchase waterproof SPFs so you aren't constantly sweating it off.

  • It doesn't matter what SPF percentage you have, you need to reapply it every 2 hours. I get that isn't convenient especially if you wear makeup but this SPF spray will make your life better. Code "estie10" for 10% off

  • Physical SPF's are usually more recommended then chemical SPF's because chemical SPF's often cause reactions. If you avoid sunscreen due to your skin's sensitivity to it, look out for physical SPF's that most likely won't causes you a reaction.

SPF’s I recommend :

Dr. Dennis Gross is considered a clean skincare brand at Sephora founded by MD Dr. Dennis Gross based in New York. The main ingredients in this product are Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide. These make up the UV blocking components. This SPF also has a special ingredient iron oxide -protection which has added protection from harmful blue light that ammits from technology and contributes to premature aging.

REVIEW : No white cast, lighter weight, slight glow, and wears well under makeup. This is my daily face and neck SPF. Doesn’t make me breakout.

If you are looking for something a little more affordable, I highly recommend Derma E . They have a body SPF and face SPF that are mineral based (recommended for sensitive skin) and reef safe. They also sell a great SPF makeup powder that applies over your makeup and reduces oil.

REVIEW : There is a white cast, blend right away and well. Light weight texture and a little bit goes a long way. Doesn’t make me breakout.

If you are a sporty and active king or queen, this SPF is water resistant. This is ideal for athletes, hikers, outdoor activites, lake trips and beach days. What’s great about Think Sport too is that this is very affordable as well.

REVIEW : Thicker formula, white cast, but doesn‘t cause breakouts or harm to the environment. Affordable and go-to for outdoor days. A little bit goes a long way.

Remember when I said SPF over 25 doesn’t matter and you still have to re-apply your SPF every 2 hours?? When I first heard this I had no idea how I could make this happen when I’m a daily makeup wearer and it would be inconvenient to re-do my skincare and makeup every 2 hours during sunlight. Then I discoverer this SPF spray from Seriously Fab and I became serious about my suncare game. I am convinced this is why I have minimal sun damage for my age and this SPF spray can go over makeup or bare skin. A fellow Estie created this product so not only does this protect your skin from the sun, it has antioxidants that protects it against other environmental skin stressors.

REVIEW : Light weight, dewy finish, doesn’t leave a white cast. Great for all skin tones. Make sure to apply this at arms length to get best application. Wear a diffent SPF cream underneath and only use this as a reapplication SPF for best results. Can be used on face, neck, body, and hands.

I have a code for their website to save you 10% off “Estie10” (affiliated link) at :


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