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Meaux Co Review

There are many skincare products in the industry so I know it can be hard navigating which ones that will work best with your skin. Did you know most brands at Sephora are just drug store products in fancy packaging? Most drug store products are full of fillers that give you an instant gratification rather then actual results. One thing you can almost guarantee from an esthetician based brand is RESULTS and QUALITY. We care about your results and always aim for products that can deliver.

That’s what you should expect from this esthetician’s brand! Sash Moreaux is a licensed esthetician, licensed instructor, CEU accredited provider of 17 years and the CEO of Meaux Co. These products are pro products distributed by esthetician’s, used in treatment rooms, small batch made, have an 18 month shelf life and are corrective.

I have been playing around with these products this week and here are my thoughts!


The creams and serums have a luxe feel to them while not being too heavy or too heavily fragrance. Just like fragrance, the ones you choose is very personal. I gave you a quick recommendation down below of which one would suite you for your skin type and concern.

Gleaux Vitamin C Serum - For brightening dull skin and increasing collagen production.

Vitamin C that is stabilized is super important in products and the ones that aren't cause reactions in people.
Retineaux Pro Serum - For anti-aging, hyper pigmentation and large pores.

This serum is infused with Vitamin A which tackles the common issues above by helping the skin create new and healthy cells.
Keauxjic Pro Serum - For hyper-pigmentation and maskne.

This serum contains Kojic acid which inhibits the overproduction of melanin and slightly exfoliates which makes it good for maskne as well! Lumi Eye & Neck Cream - For everyone. We neglect the eyes and neck often and these are the first places to show first signs of aging.
The skin on your eyes and neck are thin, so it makes sense to have a product for both. Contains gentle non-comedogenic oils that protect and soften these delicate areas.


STAR ⭐️ 🤩 Products I loved.

Oksijeaux Oxygen Bubble Mask

Oxygen is GREAT for aging skin, dull skin and it’s special for acne. Acne can’t grow in the presence of oxygen so products like this stop it in its tracks. This fun and bubbly mask that tingles the skin while it’s ingredients activate and oxygen infuses. They clay gives it an added oil killing and detoxifying benefit.

Pineapple Express Gentle exfoliate great for all including sensitive skin types. For me personally, I didn’t feel a tingling sensation. This is a great exfoliant for mostly everyone because physical exfoliate can be too harsh for some, and chemicals can be too stimulating for some. This is an enzymatic exfoliation product. Enzymes eat away Dead skin cells like tiny little Pac-Man on the skin. This immediate makes your skin feel smooth after.


SUMMARY : I would recommend these products and for all esties to try them out too for their treatment room! Non-esites, these are pro products designed to give you real results.

For more information visit the website and shop here :

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