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Introducing PurpL & Prosper

Today we are introducing PurpL & Prosper to Estie Bestie's skincare store. We are expanding beyond Hydrojelly's and introducing highly effective skincare brands that are esthetician recommended. There is a reason why we choose P&P and we are so excited to introduce you to this brand.

Taiann Eiland founded and created PurpL & Prosper due to her own skin struggles and insecurities. She believes in a well balanced lifestyle and is a licensed Esthetican. Her non-toxic highly effective products reflect her lifestyle into her products. These products are formulated without parabens, sulfates, synthetic ingredients, harmful chemicals, harsh dyes, fillers, mineral oils, petroleum or animal testing.

There is a reason we picked this brand to be one of the first product lines we are adding to our store. Not only is it Esthetician crafted resulting in great improvement in the skin, Taiann's positive abundant energy is infused in every bottle and we love her energy. We are adding Estie Bestie's top favorite products and breaking down why each of them should be next on your to-buy list.


UnMask Clarity is great for anyone who is dealing with acne, especially cystic breakouts. It has bentionte clay and charcoal witch detoxifies the skin. What’s unique about this mask is that it’s a “wet clay” mask. Most clay masks dry and harden but it can dry out the skin in the process. I don’t recommend drying clay masks for cystic and hormonal acne that has a type of inflammation. Drying the skin too much can lead to more irritation and acne.

Since this is a wet clay mask, there are proper ways in using it to getting effective results. The easiest way to use it is wash your face, apply and wait about 10-15 mins before your shower, then rinse off in the shower. You can also let the steam of the shower open your pores and wash it off towards the end after you finish shaving and body scrubbing. This mask can stain any cloth items due to its powerful ingredients and I don’t recommend using wash clothes anyway to remove skincare because they are too abrasive.

Other Alternatives professionals use :

Esthetic Wipes

Esthetic Sponges

What is also special about this mask is the paprika and horsetail. This brings blood circulation which does wonders on breakouts too. When we stimulate the skin to increase blood circulation, this increases vitamins and nutrients that reach the surface of the skin, oxygen levels that reduce acne causing bacteria as well as improves the healing properties of the skin. 10/10 recommend for anyone dealing with breakouts! This is a staple in my routine and little tip, you can detox your pits with this! More on detoxing your pits and choosing natural deodorants at the end of this post.


The Good Flora Soak is unique when it comes to the feminine hygiene products that are offered on the market. We are about to get personal here but this conversation needs to happen. I have struggled with yeast infections and UTI's for years. For about 2 years they were chronic and it felt like I was constantly living in Urgent Care. In my personal experience, I have had to stop using soaps and hygiene products like Summer's Eve, douches, and scented wipes. Many doctors have advised to do so as well as peeing after sex and wearing cotton-only underwear.

I have made these changes and when I first tried Purpl & Prosper, I was intrigued by this product. I don't add bubbles to my baths because they irritate me and I use the Good Flora Soak in place of them. Natural probiotics replenish the V's good bacteria. This product neutralizes odor and alleviates YI and UTI's. Of course if you have a major infection seek medical care, but this product helps me stop one if I feel one coming in and I use for overall hygiene and prevention. This is a staple product in my routine and I have ran through about 8 bottles of this product.


Natures candy (honey) is a super powerful skin healing ingredient. Honey has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties which masks it a super restorative treatment for a number of skin issues. This mask works great at calming any redness in the skin and gentle enough for sensitive skin. Acne skin can benefit from this mask too from the Organic Neem as well as the anti-bacterial benefits from the honey. This mask is Non-drying and removes the easiest in showers. The steam from your shower with this mask will give you an at-home spa like experience! The process of removing this mask is the same as I recommended for the unMask (clarity).


Did you know our armpits have a gland that is connected to our breasts? There have been many studies published explaining how in some cases breast cancer is linked to aluminum which is found in many deodorants. Luckily, a lot of companies have taken notice of this and create aluminum free deodorant.

In the natural beauty community it has been one of our struggles finding natural deodorants that work! This one is definitely one of my favorites. It’s important to keep in mind if you are making the switch for the first time, your body is going to go through and adjustment period. During this period pair this deodorant with the unMask (clarity) for a full detox armpit treatment.


Please feel free to reach out in the chat box or leave a comment down bellow with any questions you may have! <3


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