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How Facial Tools Enhance Your Routine

Facial tools are a great way to enhance your at home skin care routine.  If you have your skin care routine down but want to do a little extra something something for your skin, here is my guide on facial tools. In this post, I will list the benefits of each tool and will describe what these tools perform the best at. I will also go over how to sanitize and care for each tool.  


 Jade Roller


  • Increases blood circulation bringing oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells.

  • Increases lymphatic drainage which detoxes and de-puffs the skin.  

  • Reduces muscle tension.

  • Naturally cooling and calming to the skin.  

  • Contours facial muscles.

  • Roll against gravity on the face to prevent sagging and to tone muscles.

  • Roll down on neck for lymphatic drainage.  

  • Rolling in an upwards motion allows better product penetration. Your skin cell structure on the Stratum Corneum (top layer of your skin) is like a roof, slanted. The best way to apply serums and moisturizers is applying them upward.  You can use this tool over a facial oil, face balm, or over your serums and moisturizers for better product penetration.  

  • Keep your roller in the fridge or in a bowl of ice 15 mins before you use it.  This will give you added anti-inflammatory benefits and can help with headaches and migraines. 

  • Jade in a spiritual way is said to protect your chi (bodies energetic life force)  

BEST FOR: Facial defuffing/slimming and to reduce redness.  

MAINTENANCE: The metal on jade rollers can rust.  Don’t let it soak in water for too long.  After use, apply rubbing alcohol to a cotton round and cleanse the area you used directly on your skin.  Then let dry.  Leave in fridge or so it’s cool the next time you want to use it.  Jade rollers are perfect to use in the morning to awaken the skin or night to de-stress.

I love Jade Roller Beauty’s Jade rollers!!  They are great quality and I highly recommend them.  My personal favorite is their Lapis Lazuli Roller. Great for redness reducing and lymphatic drainage.


Facial Cooling Globes 


  • Reduces puffiness instantly.  Perfect for puffy eyes.      

  • Perfect size and shape for the eye area. 

  • Stimulates circulation.

  • Reduces redness and inflammation.

  • Great for all skin types including sensitive. 

  • Oxygenates the skin.

  • Stimulates facial muscles and nerves. 

  • Increases collagen and elastin production.


  • Apply a thick moisturizer, oil, or moisturizing mask that can glide these globes right over. 

  • Use globes as needed with puffy eyes or any puffiness in the face. For puffiness, you only need to use them for 1 min in the morning. You can also use these globes Once a week for an anti-aging Stimulating treatment.

  • Rest over inflammed pimple to help calm redness as needed.  

MAINTENANCE:  Wash globes with anti-bacterial soap after use.  Spray or wipe down with rubbing alcohol.  Keep in the fridge, freezer (the blue is anti-freeze), or I’m a bowl of ice before you use them to get the anti-inflammatory benefits.

BEST FOR: Puffy Eyes  

The Brand I use is Allegra and you can purchase on Amazon :




  • Silicone "Bristles" don’t hold onto bacteria.

  • Easy to clean since silicone doesn’t harvest bacteria.

  • Medical Grade Silicone

  • Unique Patented teardrop shape

  • 500 uses per charge

  • 1600 Biometrically Positioned Touch Points.

  • Non-abrasive

  •  Vibrating properties are massaging, rejuvenating, and detoxifying. 

  • Easy to travel with

COMPARED TO COMPETITORS : Brush head cleansing devices like the Clarisonic need to be properly cleansed after and dried so no bacteria grows on the bristle after EVERY use. Some brush heads have anti-microbial bristles but what’s great about using silicone brushes over traditional cleansing brushes is that they don’t need replacements. Foreo is a common silicone brush and compared to the QYK Zoe is the patented teardrop shape (great around the nose), and 15 adjustable settings compared to Foreo’s 8. Charge time and use is better, the ZOE lasts about 500 charges compared to Foreos 300!

I have an affiliated discount code for you “estiebestie” which saves 10% off at checkout :


  • Apply your facial cleanser to your skin, foam it up and add a little bit of water.  Don’t use oil cleansers with this device because it could damage the Bristles.  

  • Massage over the skin in circular motions with light pressure.

  • Wash with anti-bacterial soap, rinse and let dry when done.  

BEST FOR: Daily cleansing. 

The Nuface is the best anti-aging device.  The Nuface tones, contours, and rejuvenates the skin.  Think of this device as Yoga for your facial muscles.  It sends electrical pulses to your facial muscles, encouraging lifting, toning, and contouring.  The more constient you are at using it the better results you’ll get. This device is FDA approved and is used in many high end spas in California, and can offer anti-aging benefits without needles.  


  • Micro-current technology can lift up your skin without being invasive to the skin. 

  • Tightens, tones, contours, lifts, brightens, moisturizers.  

  • Enhances penetration of serums when applied over them.


  • Make sure you start treatment with freshly cleansed skin.

  • Oils won’t work with this device, and your best off using the Primer Gel Nuface offers because it’s designed to work with the device.  

  • Always go on an upwards motion, never go down!  

  • Results get better the more consistent you are.   

  • Download the Nuface App to help you better customize your routine based on your skin goals.  

MAINTENANCE: Never allow this device to soak in water or get near water.  After you are done using, spray a cotton round with rubbing alcohol and wipe down the device.  

Here is a video tutorial on me demonstrating how to use this product.


Feel free to reach out to me directly in the chat box or leave a comment down below if you found this post helpful! Your feedback is much appreciated.


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