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Eternal Apothic Review

Eternal Apothic is female owned, botanically based, esthetician made product brand. The founder, Alyson Osborne, wanted to make our daily lives a little more special with safe non-toxic beauty that promotes self care and mindful living. These hand crafted products are formulated without harsh chemicals, parabens , preservatives, fillers, petrochemicals, non-nano ingredients and synthetic fragrances. This ensures during this special part of our self care ritual, these products are safe and sensible to our overall wellness.

I had the pleasure of being sent a trial kit of these products and today I am breaking down three of my favorite products I tried, what skin type would benefit from them and why.

1) Star Halo Moisture Cloud is a hydrated based product meaning this product increases the water levels in the skin rather then oil, making it great for all skin types. This serum has a lightweight texture and absorbs immediately. We need to balance our hydration levels in our skin as we age because each year our skin looses the ability to create it's own hydration. Balancing hydration in the skin also increases the health of the skin. Sometimes adding one hydration based product in your routine gets rid of 90% of your skin concerns. If your skin is hydrated, it functions properly minimizing most skin concerns. Hyaluronic acid is the star player in this serum holding 1000x in it's own molecular weight in water. This is applied underneath your moisturizer and will enhance the effectiveness of your moisturizer.

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2) Ethereal Glow Micro-exfoliant has to be ranked at #2 because I love how my skin felt after. I’m not always the biggest fan of physical exfoliants because they can be abrasive to most skin types. If you have active, cystic acne I would avoid but all other skin types can enjoy this product. The product is so refined it doesn’t have harmful effects on the skin and does a great job and lessening the build up of dead skin cells on the skin. Whether you have dry skin or oily skin, we all have dead skin. In order for you to see results from your products, exfoliating needs to become a weekly ritual treatment. This product contains detoxifying clays that refresh the skin. One of my favorite ingredients in here is the fruit enzyme extract. Enzymes are like little Pac-Man that eat away dead skin cells to regenerate new cell production keeping the skin looking youthful.

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3) Celestial Body Massage Oil - Massage is an important daily practice I not only do on myself, but on my loved ones and clients. We tend to hold stress and unwanted energy in our body's that needs to be worked out and released. Skin issues like wrinkles, acne and inflammatory skin conditions can be triggered by stress. Incorporating getting a massage once a month or investing in a good self massage gun for home use is essential for your overall health by reducing stress. I’m a sucker for gold and not because it’s gorgeous (which it is) but it has a lot of benefits with skin. Gold has been incorporated in beauty since the ancient Egyptian times. Gold has essential minerals that tighten the skin and this particular body oil is infused with botanical skin ingredients that preserves the youth in our skin. Lastly, this oil is a dry oil so it’s not going to have a heavy texture once applied and will absorb quickly.

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When you give this brand a try, feel free to reach out to me in the comment section or chat box because I love to know your personal reviews of all the brands and products I recommend.


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