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Current TOP 7 Skincare Faves

My current favorites are always changing based on season, hormonal changes (like being pregnant) or finding a better product then my previous favorites! Some of these brands send me their product to test out and out of what I get these are the best of the best currently! I like to disclose how if I’m affiliated or not because I’m always honest with my reviews. Some reviews I get a tiny commission and some I don’t but all I love! A great segment to stay tuned and subsribed for is “product empties” so if they stay through both they are here for good!!


Think Everyday Tinted SPF 30+

This has become my everyday SPF. The slight tint it has also makes me feel like I’m wearing a BB cream because it blurs some of my imperfections.

Now don’t expect foundation results from this, but for my skin this is the perfect everyday last step for my routines. With my lash extensions on, all I need to do is get my brows micro-bladed and my morning routine is quick and easy!

SPFs in the beauty industry have come a long way so there is no excuse for skipping this essential step. I won’t lecture you in this post on why it’s so essential, but if your interested click here for a post that goes more in depth.

SPFs are no longer smelly, irritating and this one in specific doesn’t leave a white cast. Also, it has a light weight texture making it bearable for all skin types. Not only does it have all of this, THE PRICE is even better.


Seriously Fab

Okay but seriously, this is fab. I have been using this SPF for years. Yes I just raved about the Think SPF but you need both in your life, especially if you take your skincare results seriously.

You won’t see results, I repeat, you won’t see results if you skip SPF. There is no point in treating your skin if you just keep damaging it. Maybe you never skip it but you still are seeing sun spots creepin through. This could be because you aren’t reapplying every 2 hours throughout your day.

You might feel safe in your home or car but UV rays can still penetrate through windows. That’s why re-applying is so important and this is the perfect SPF for that.

Keep this in your purse or by your work desk. Maybe you can leave in your car but the heat may ruin the product so keep that in mind. You can use this particular SPF over makeup or bare skin. The fine mist doesn’t tamper with your day look, it just refreshes it.

Non-affiliated link but affiliated code. Code “estie10” saves you 10% off.


Derma E Sulfur Treatment

These sulfur treatments aren’t new to the market but omg was I glad I tried this. It was amazing. Especially being a dupe for Kate Somerville’s. Dab this product on your active pimples only, at night, and then sleep away those pimples.

Since it’s a spot treatment it won’t dry out your entire skin, just the areas you are placing the product. These work best for infected active pimples. Even post extractions to prevent further infection.


Thyrst Oil 10

I am picky with facial oils. I have oils that are super thick and some cause black heads on me. The fact this oil has grape seed oil makes it 100x worth it. Grape seed oil mimics your skins natural sebum production.

I also wake up with glowy skin and that’s the ultimate seller for me. I want to go to bed looking like a glazed donut and wake up with skin that glows. This is the perfect product to add into your routine for our transition from summer to fall. The weather is changing and the moisture in the air is disappearing. Oils at night help lock in the moisturize to our skin.

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Replenix Soothing Antioxidant Mist

I am a sucker for toning mists and always recommend for a person to have at least one in their routine. Adding a toning mist can help reduce dehydration, reduce fine lines and have added benefits depending on their ingredients.

This one in particular is a medical grade mist meaning the ingredients inside are scientifically proven to work. The chamomile is calming and soothing to any redness. The green tea is high in antioxidants so it evens skin tone and with hazel tones pores.

If you know me you know I’m not a fan of witch hazel, but if it’s added to a formula that works and has other ingredients to reduce its dehydrating aspects then I’m okay with it!


Banish Enzyme Maque

This is a fave because I can use this while pregnant. Before baby boy was growing in me, I was back on retinol. Now that it’s a precaution to avoid any vitamin A derivative pregnant, I needed an alternative.

This is a great 1-2 week mask/peel for me. It’s safe, smells like pumpkin (getting me in the fall mood) and smooths out my skin like my baby’s butt. Peels like this help with pigmentation, texture and firming.

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OSEA Malibu Anti-Aging Body Cream

Baby boy is growing and so are my stretch marks. In no way I hate my own, and to be honest they don’t really bug me. I just like to take extra care of my skin and something with elastin support prevents them from worsening or darkening.

I am accepting my body along this journey but I do love feeling like a smooth dolphin after my shower. It’s important to feel like you are taking care of yourself while growing a baby or raising them. We give so much to them, we have to give to ourselves too to stay sane!

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