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Every pregnancy is different, every human has different needs, and every doctors opinion is different. Definitely listen to your intuition, your doctor and take information on the internet with a grain of salt.

However most doctors discontinue use of Retinol or vitamin A derivatives, avoid salicylic acid, stop using Benzoyl peroxide and stay away from Hydroquinone (but I recommend this to everyone). This is a collective result from my research and this is what I personally avoided during my pregnancy.


Most pregnant women experience some type of breakout around their jawline, hyperpigmentation or skin adversities. For example, I went from using vitamin C everyday to avoiding the ingredient entirely because it made my skin red. I have never experienced this before! Fast forward to after pregnancy, I can tolerate vitamin C again.

Hyperpigmentation can show up as melasma which can be triggered by hormonal changes. If you can handle vitamin C, great this can help you, but if not try this serum from Fit Glow Beauty.

Dealing with acne and pregnancy can be a challenge since you are advised not to use most of the products for acne available on the market. Once brand that treats acne and is pregnancy safe, is Banish Acne Scars.

My top products to recommend is the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask (I would even use this on my belly for exfoliation) and the Fighter gel for those struggling with breakouts.

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Another random pregnancy symptom I experienced was flakey skin! This might have been due to dehydration during my pregnancy. Since your baby gets all the good stuff, your skin is last! Hyaluronic acid sounds like you shouldn’t use it during pregnancy because of the acid part, but it’s just a hydration molecule. Here are some of my fave products with this ingredient!

Derma E Hydrating mist :

OSEA Malibu Serum :

Also, if you happen to get crusty lips, I LOVE this naturally tinted lip serum that plumps my lips and gives it a shine.

Hope these tips help you get glowy skin during your pregnancy! Keeping a daily routine of skincare can help you feel better on the BLAH days.


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