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Benefits of Gemstone Rollers for Skincare and Spirituality

Gemstone rollers have been a beauty practice since ancient China. They became a huge trend in 2018 when Instagram was booming because of their aesthetic. There is a reason in 2021 I am still a fan and it’s more then their looks. Yes they are gorgeous and you will feel like royalty from the ancient times while using them, but their benefits go deeper then your skin.

Jade rollers have taken up most of the popularity but there are in fact other gemstones to choose from. Each of the rollers could benefit you in a different way. Today we are breaking down my top 4 gemstone favorites and their spiritual and skin benefits.



Amethyst is the birthstone of Aquarius and February babies. This stone is widely used in the spiritual community to help one connect to their spiritual gifts. Amethyst also is most popular for calming an anxious mind. When you stare at this stone, how can you feel anything more than peace?

This stone is a “hot stone” meaning heat and vibrations are transferred through the stone to the skin. This will be best for people looking to increase circulation in their face. Bringing blood flow to the skin is detoxifying as well as anti-aging. Anytime we are bringing stimulation to the skin, we are encouraging collagen growth, firmness, cellular renewal and detoxification.

Here are some highlighted benefits from this stone :

•Amethyst emits infrared rays which rises temperature in the skin and encourages regeneration

•Great for blemish prone skin

•Purifies and detoxifies

•Stress and anxiety relieving

•Unblocks the third eye and crown chakra connecting to cosmic consciousness

•Great for anti-aging by improving collagen and elastin production

*Original Jade Roller Beauty Product


Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a deep royal blue color which the royalty only had access to this semi-precious stone the ancient times. It consists of deep blue lazurite, sparkly pyrite, cloudy white calcite, and other minerals. It’s represents the zodiac sign Capricorn who carry the characteristics of ambition, strength and determination.

Lapis Lazuli opens and balances the throat chakra and third eye. It offers protection from physic attacks, encourages truth, brings peace and harmony and motivates inner wisdom. It’s commonly used for protection, reducing insomnia, and reducing inflammation in the skin.

Here are some highlighted benefits from this stone :

•Anti-inflammatory - great for redness in the skin

•Flushes Lymph System reducing puffiness

•Calming & Cooling

•Promotes peace, deeper sleep, and shields negative energies

•Throat Chakra - Balances communication and creativity energies that could be blocked.

•Third Eye -Brings more awareness to inner self and spiritual communication.

•Original Jade Roller Beauty product


Rose Quartz

This stone looks like it was picked form the baby pink sunset skies. Rose Quartz symbolizes universal love and is linked to the heart chakra. If you are going through a breakup, struggling with self love, or wanting to bring love into your life I highly encourage the use of this stone.

How this crystal‘s benefits to the skin separates from the others ones offered is it’s lighter weight texture. You can move faster with this stone and it stays cooler longer. This is what makes it ideal for toning up pore size, reducing redness from the natural coolness, and stimulating the facial muscles to firm. Here are some highlighted benefits from this stone :

•Ultimate self love and healing tool

•Stays cooler longer then other stones having a more pore tightening benefits.


•Reduces Redness

•Heart Chakra - opens heart charka, comforts and calms emotional distress

•Original Jade Roller Beauty Product



Last but certainly not least, the famous jade roller. Jade has been loved by many ancient cultures and has been used for weopons for its density and talismans for its spiritual benefits. Jade can range from the color lavender to deep vibrant emerald green depending on its composition and manufacturing.

Jade is said to balance the chi which is our energy life center. Owning a piece brings abundance, good friendship, and good luck. Jade clears negativity from your aura and offers protection. In skincare, due to its density it is best for facial muscle toning, reducing puffiness and brightening your complexion.

Here are some highlighted benefits from this stone :

•Balances Chi - energy system bringing harmony

•Heavier dense stone compared to other crystals making it more firming and durable

•Improves Circulation

•Stimulates Lymphatic Drainage

•Reduces Headaches


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