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I like to think of myself as a guinea pig. I’m always testing out things and reporting my findings to you. Also because I don’t believe in animal testing, so I’ll take one for the little pigs. I am always trying out products from brands who are entering the market and the latest and greatest products introduced to the beauty industry. When this brand originally wanted me to try their products, I felt that it was very simple. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it until I realized the genius behind the brand.

Allyson, the founder of Thyrst Beauty Co., worked in the beauty industry and tried everything under the sun when she developed adult acne. Since she was in the industry, she had the best of the best at her fingertips but she still found herself struggling with adult acne for about a year regardless.

Finally, she found a method that worked for her so she designed her line to mimic that method as well as simplify the overwhelming amount beauty options out there. Her products not only can help reduce adult acne, they are great for all aging concerns like hydration issues, hyperpigmenation and loss of firmness.

Thyrst is made with premium, clean and effective ingredients. Lately the beauty community has been more aware of the ingredients we put on our skin and demand beauty products that won’t effect our health in the long run. One of the biggest complaints I hear in the clean beauty industry is that some of these clean products feel less effective. Thyrst found the happy medium in delivering effective ingredients without compromising your health.

*Products are formulated without parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances or phthalates

I don’t just write reviews for any brand. I test them out, make sure they fit my standards, and If I love I share. This brand will work great with anyone who is overwhelmed by consumerism and needs a more simplistic approach to skincare. You don't need multiple lines to have glowing skin, this line could deliver everything you need already numbered to the steps you apply them. I myself love trying new things and that won’t ever change (and it's my career), but a lot of these products with Thyrst will stay in my staples and I'll always go back to because the quality is exquisite. In post, I’m going to breakdown each product in their starter kit and my thoughts on the effectiveness.


Exfoliant 07 Is the first step you will do in this kit. I am listing each review in the proper steps of application. The only thing you need to do before this is make sure you don’t have any makeup on and your skin is freshly cleansed.

Most scrubs have harsh abrasive edges that creates tears in the skin. Overtime this can cause irritation, redness, or premature aging. It’s important you find a scrub like Exfoliant 07 because of its perfectly rounded beads.

There are three types of exfoliation : chemical, physical and enzymatic. Chemical removes the glue that keeps our dead skin cells attached and stimulates new cell production. Physical is a superficial exfoliate that only can work on the surface and physically removes dead skin cells. Enzymatic exfoliation are little pac men on the skin that eat away dead skin cells. This scrub has ALL 3 which makes it a triple threat.

Charcoal Tummeric and Pearlite are what gives this product that “scrubby“ feeling. Both ingredients instantly brighten the skin. Shea butter has been added to nourish the skin at the same time. Using this as a once a week treatment before a hydrating mask or your nightly routine will enhance the results of your products.


Serum 11 is an all-in-one serum that will meet your every need whether it’s tightening, brightening or acne reducinga. Vitamin A and Salicylic acid keep the skin cells active and decongests. The peptides in this serum plump, firm and tone the skin reducing and preventing aging.

This serum has a light weight texture and I recommend using at night. It would work well with all skin types.



Moisturizer 12 is a light weight breathable moisturizer that works well with all skin types. Moisturizers are designed to improve the texture of the skin and lock in moisture which is exaclty what this moisturizer does with vitamin E and B5. Bakuchiol was added to reduce signs of against and fight against free radical damage.


Not all oils are skin worthy. However, on my body I use coconut oil and olive oil in a body scrub. That’s fine but for your face the molecular structure in these oils are too large and will clog your pores.

Oil 10 has grape seed oil as its main oil which is great for the facial skin because it mimicis our skins natural sebum production. Meaning it’s not too oily or too dry for our skin to absorb. It is the perfect amount of what our skin needs. This oil isnt just grapeswed oil, it has a blend of other oils which are high in antioxidants which protect our skin cells from collagen loss, heal uneven skin tone and fight against free radical damage.

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