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Balancing Your Feminine Hygiene

Connect to your feminine energy 💫 with a Good Flora Soak Bath. 🛁 Detox with bentonite clay, deodorize naturally, and rest in enzymes that do the work for you and exfoliate your skin.

My 🐱 Story on how I found Tai’s brand Purpl & Prosper. A couple years back, I would get YI (yeast infection) and UTI’s (urinary tract infection) often. It was a vicious cycle that seemed to never end. This period of time involved lots of painful days of Urgent Care visits. I was clean, in a long term relationship at the time and confused. What I learned through this journey is that NO ONE talks about this and NO ONE knows what to do. It’s important to understand we are all different but this is what I did. Think of me as the big sister you never had sharing an experience.

I was constantly prescribed antibiotics during this visits which doesn’t make sense long term in my opinion. They ruin the bad AND GOOD bacteria in your body. (This is not medical advice). I decided to take a break and bring in probiotics into my diet which gave my body GOOD bacteria and balanced out the bad. I only wear cotton underwear now too and stopped wearing lace underwear (special occasions are acceptable). Also, I stopped using feminine washes that are full of fragrance and sulfates. Diet plays into this as well so reducing the yeast in your body means limiting breaded, processed and sugary foods.

Tai reached out to me years ago asking me to try her product too. Her product, The Good Flora Soak, is a bath soak that has probiotics that balance the natural pH. It also contains Raspberry leaf 🍂 which is a pelvic relaxant, neutralizes odors, and it is infused with a crystal for self love promotion. Each bottle has about 8 uses each and no harmful chemicals are added.

Other important 🌺 tips :

•If you do have a reoccurring odor make sure to get it checked out by a medical professional to rule out serious infections.

•Each bottle has 8 uses!

•Never clean inside, your body naturally does this for you.

•Washes are stripping. Soak In this once a week instead.

•Diet matters too when it comes to this recurring issues. Lessen inflammatory causing foods, breaded items, sugary drinks, and processed foods.

•Cranberry is a good supplement to look into as well. I’m not a health professional so please contact yours.

I am so proud to carry this product at my online store! It solved a solution for me so I hope these tips and this product helps you with yours as well. Think a friend might need this? You are welcome to send them the link to our website or my contact information.


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