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Are Facial Masks a Waste?

Q: Why Mask?

A great mask can take the weekend away, make it look like those margaritas you had at happy hour never happened, deep cleans the pores, and/or plumps up dehydrated skin from lack of water intake. Masks are like mini facials at home. They aren't included in your daily routine but using them multiple times a week helps maintain your skin's natural glow, nourishes your skin with added ingredients, and keeps your skin youthful.

Q: Do masks REALLY work?

That depends on the ingredients and brand. This is why I am so adamant on ingredient education and encourage you to always read the back of any product you buy. Cheap masks most likely won't do anything for you and when I say cheap I don't mean price, I mean ingredients. If you can't pronounce it you probably shouldn't put it on your face. If the back of the ingredient list contains mostly of words you never heard of, pass. If you recognize most of them and just need to google 2 or 3, it could be worth it.

Q: How do I choose the right one?

This depends on your skin type. Does your skin get itchy often? It could mean you have dry skin. Do you get a lot of blackheads? A clay mask on your oily areas once a week prevents them. Examine your skin and determine if you are dry, oily or combo.

For dry skin the best masks are overnight, sheet or Hydrojelly.

For oily skin the best masks are clay, exfoliating, or sheet (you still need hydration to balance your oil production).

For combo skin the trick is multi-mask. Use the masks best for dry skin on the dry areas and use the masks best for oily skin on the oily areas. Don't be afraid to be creative.

How to Maintain a perfect mask routine.

I recommend using a good detox mask or exfoliating mask at least once a week. Doing this once a week helps keep your pores maintained and detoxes the skin from environmental pollutants. It is also good to treat targeted concerns though-out the week. I always tell my clients, "listen to your skin!" If your skin feels oily and clogged, put on a clay mask. If your skin feels dry and tight, brush on a hydrating mask. If your skin feels dull, apply a stimulating mask. Stay until the end for esthetician approved masks with results.

Proper Steps You Should Take Before Applying A Mask.

1) Cleanse your skin BEFORE applying a mask. If you mask in the morning, you only have to cleanse one time. If you mask at night, make sure you cleanse two times. Once to remove the makeup and then cleanse a second time to make sure your skin is truly clean.

2) Exfoliate for better results. If you exfoliate off the dead skin cells first, the mask will treat the new healthy cells improving the results of the mask and your overall complexion.

3) Steam to dilate the pores. You can use an at home facial steamer or simply rest your face over a large bowl of boiling water and use a towel over your head to keep the steam in. Please be careful if this is the method you choose. To spice things up, add your favorite tea or essential oils to the hot water so you can enjoy the aromas and get an added antioxidant therapy.

4) Tone for better penetration. Toners prepare the skin for better absorption of products and add hydration (usually the ones in spray bottles are hydrating). When your skin is hydrated and nourished, it accepts products better and works better.

5) Apply mask with clean hands or a clean brush. Make sure if you use a brush to properly clean it with anti-bacetial soap after and lay out to dry. Also, DO NOT dip your fingers in the jar. The bacteria from your finger nails ruins the product.

Proper steps on how to properly mask and how to take off your mask.

1) Always leave on your mask for the amount of time the directions say. The company created a set amount of minutes and instructions for a reason.

2) Do not let clay masks dry for too long because they could over dry the skin. Take off when its almost fully dry.

3) Steaming off the mask will avoid rubbing harsh towels on your skin. You could apply a mask, hop in the shower, do your thing, then rinse it off. Just make sure the water is cool or luke warm when you put your facial skin in contact with the water. You could use a steamer to loosen clay masks or a hot towel. For every day use, I recommend cleansing your skin with cool to luke warm water but for masking purposes you can use a hot steamed towel.

This post was not sponsored and was my opinion only. It does contain some affiliated links.

My Favorite Masks for Your Skin Concerns

  • You can find an affordable personal facial steamer here.

  • If you deal with dull skin and hormonal acne, this stimulating mask for is great for brightening, detoxing and acne breakouts. Use the code "estiebestie" with purchase for free sample with purchase.

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  • The best mask for hydration and dry skin is here for deep nourishment

  • You can get my favorite pumpkin enzyme exfoliation mask for acne scars here and use my code “Estie” for $5 off.

  • If you are concerned about aging, the number one thing to do is hydrate. Try this hydrating anti-aging Hydrojelly treatment for post-spa skin.


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