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Anti Aging Starter Routine

Did you know we loose 1% collagen each year after we turn 20! This is why it’s never to early to start your anti-aging routine. Also, don’t ever feel it’s too late either!! If you are already showing signs of aging, many companies have done studies on ways to reverse it. It is 100% possible with time, patience and understanding.

I started using retinol. This isn’t for everyone so if you need a retinol alternative, message me so I can recommend you one.

For those who can or want to start using it, don’t use retinol and oil in the same night. Oils repair and lock in moisture. Retinol sheds dead skin and overtime strengthens the skin.

This is the routine I am on since I am 25 going on 26 in a month! After I had my baby, my skin took a hit. I’m having inadequate sleep, less time to do skincare, and I am getting older.

This routine is designed to be intense one day, next day still get the treatment but less intense, and next day solely focused on hydration.

Everyone is so different because we all have different skin, lifestyles, humidity in the air we are living, and time. That will always play apart and that’s why individual consultations are so important but if you want to start somewhere today, this is what I recommend.

I’ve been on this routine for a couple of weeks. My pigmentation is clearing easier and my black heads are improving. It will take about 2 months to start seeing differences in fine lines and aging. Make sure you give retinol time and once you start, DO NOT STOP.

Sometimes you will get side effects like dryness, flakiness, or redness when you start. It’s very common while your skin acclimates to the treatment.

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