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5 Key Things You Need to do to Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Did you know dry skin can be a skin type or skin condition? If it's your skin type, it's usually paired with small pores, dryness all over, and fine lines. If it's a skin condition, it can be changed with the conditions of your skin care. You could have oily skin but your skin is so dehydrated its disguised as dry skin making you more confused with finding the right products for yourself. Don't worry, if you follow these steps we will eliminate dryness one step at a time.

You probably have heard heard “if you have dry skin, apply moisturizer.” While you layer it on (I’ve heard in my practice some apply up to 5 times a day!) your skin is still suffering. Your skin is more complex than just applying a moisturizer. In this post we will discuss how you can combat this once and for all.

1) Don't skip out on the importance of exfoliation.

As we age, our skin turnover rate slows down. This means the cell production slows down and a build up of dead skin cells build up on the skin.

When you apply moisturizer without exfoliating, you are hydrating dead skin cells. This is not productive and depriving new and healthy cells. Exfoliate regularly to avoid this. Ultimately with this small change you’ll achieve smoother skin. I recommend an enzyme exfoliant for dry and sensitive skin.


2) Use a toner everyday after each cleanse.

Tone. Toning has been a common skincare practice for decades, however most don'e use them the right way.

If you have dry skin, go for a toner with hydrating ingredients that "spray" on the skin. This soaks the skin in hydration preparing it to absorb its following treatments. Your skin is like a sponge 🧽 it won’t absorb the spill (hydration) unless it’s dampened first.

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3) Find a serum that works for you.

Your moisturizer is designed to moisturize. Serums are designed to penetrate the deepest layers in the skin and are designed to hydrate. Moisturizing brings oil, hydrating brings water. TRUE serums are water based, not oil based. Anytime using a serum it will need to be covered by a moisturizer so the ingredients don't evaporate. It is also okay to layer serums as well.

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4) Utilizing Oils Correctly

Oils are optional and not necessary but if you have been doing all the steps above and STILL are having hydration issues try adding in an oil. The best way to apply it as your last step at night. If you need to use it in the daytime, to avoid looking super oily add a couple of drops to your moisturizer. I am not against using oils in the day time, however it does mess up foundation application and longevity so keep that in mind.

My recommendation :


5) Understanding Masks and When to Use Them

For hydrating the skin, I don’t like masks that are required to need water or a wash cloth to remove. This causes more water on your skin then necessary which will dehydrate your skin more in the process. Your skin is a pH 5.5 and water is usually 0. We can't avoid this during our cleansing process (that's why we use toners) but we can in the masking process.

I like sheet masks for dry skin and Hydrojelly Masks. These get removed by hand and leave on a serum substance.

Best mask for dry skin :


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