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3 Different Types of Texture and How To Treat It

Have you run your fingers across your skin recently and felt bumps and flakiness? Are you constantly comparing your skin to social media models? First things first, texture IS NORMAL. Friendly reminder that apps have a "smoothing" options to make everyone look "pore-less". We are not pore-less creature and pores are essential for temperature regulation. However, we can make your skin feel more smooth realistically and our goal here is to make you feel confident with realistic expectations. This post today will contain my best tips.


Dryness & Flakiness

This texture can be common in dry skin types, combo and even oily skin types!

This is due to dehydration in the skin. Your water intake can be the-bomb-dot-com, however you can still experience these. If your still experiencing this, here are some lifestyle reasons why.

•Using too much hot water on your skin, taking long showers, too much steam.

•Too much caffeine. For every cup of caffeine, add a cup of water to your water intake you already are supposed to consume.

•Using makeup remover wipes or harsh towels to wipe your skin.

Here are some solutions :

•If you suck at drinking water, buy this :

•If you use makeup wipes, consider this instead with cotton rounds :

•Use cool water for your hair and skin always.

•If your already doing all of those and still have dehydrated skin, add this to your routine : Derma E Hydrating mist :


Acne Texture

I’m not referring to cystic acne or hormonal acne for this. If you are experiencing those please read these posts instead :




I’m talking about white heads, black heads and milia’s so acne texture without inflammation. Both of these conditions should be treated differently. Finding the right exfoliant is essential on smoothing your texture. They key is understanding the art of exfoliation because it looks differently for everyone.

If you over exfoliate, this can cause more texture. If you under exfoliate, it can cause more texture. You are probably sitting there like…then what do I do then??

The best advice I have for you is develop skin intuition and give it the time and patience your skin deserves. Your skin works hard protecting your essential organs everyday and regulating body heat so thank it for its service and treat it accordingly. If you are already using an exfoliate, lessen the usage to see if your skin changes at all. If you aren’t, slowly add it in week by week. One day a week, one week, and if that does well try 2 days next week. So on and so forth.

Also, some ingredients cause reactions in some! So here is a quick guide :

•Glycolic acid - Not suitable for sensitive skin types usually. This is the smallest acid meaning it penetrates the deepest into the skin. It might be over stimulating for dry skin, some combos, and sensitive skin. However, oily skin might need this aggression to get their pores clean and sebum production under control. Try this out :

•Salicylic Acid - This is what prevents black heads and milias since it deep cleans the pores. However, if you already are experiencing both it’s better to get them extracted by a professional first and up keep the clean pores with a product like this. Try it out : with code “lauren10”

•Enzymes are best for sensitive skin types and dry skin types. Use this only once a week if you have that skin type. This smooths your skin gently without over-drying. Try this :


Large Pores

Large pores can be presented in all skin types. I highly recommend following the first 2 texture options as well. Water intake, hydrating your skin properly and finding what exfoliant works best for you can contribute to this so make sure you go over them first, master it, and then come back.

Large pores can be caused by many things. Elastin damage from aging, enlargement from acne damage, black heads spending too long in pores stretching them out, and oiliness out of control.

Some solutions


**Remember consistency is key and I am here for you to help you and your skin. Leave a comment for a suggestion for the next blog post. <3


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