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Compassion Skin

Skincare that Cares.


Compassion Skin

My name is Lauren LaPaglia and I have been an esthetician for 9 years.  

I spent years trying to solve my acne since I was 16 and came across so many unethical things in the beauty indusrty. 

Animal cruelty, industry secrets, and dishonest sales people.  I created my platform previously known as Estie Bestie to combat this and now is known as Compassion Skin.  This is your safe place.  We care here.  After I solved my acne issues I realized our industry needed a change.  Our industry needs products that are efficient, safe for us our enviorment and that doesn't harm animals.  

At Compassion Skin we promise to only share the best most efficient & ethical products.  

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This is where it started.  I spent the most part of my teenage years visiting dermatologists and watching so many, and I really mean so many videos on how to get rid of acne or how to cover it up. 



I've spent my career taking care of people’s skin, while also dealing with my own issues. I’ve worked everywhere from a local beauty store selling skincare and 10 minute facials, to a doctors office practicing intense chemical peels. I've gained experience in various fields, knowledge in all areas of skin therapy, a major passion for health + beauty. After all, skincare doesn't just lie on the outside but also from what's within.

I am a Pisces and if you know anything about Pisces is that we care and a little bit too much at times.  I put my heart and soul into everything I touch.  I care about the products I provide, whether animals get hurt in the making and if they make a difference in your life.  

Compassion means taking on others feelings and caring for their sufferings.  This is who I am and what my business stands for.  We need more compassion in this world and we are here to lead the way.  

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